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Get your time registered quickly


For setting up ttc quickly go to: quick start

Navigation of weeks can be done in the fact bar, it might be hidden. Press the hamburger menu icon underneath the profile icon. Use the arrow buttons to navigate between weeks. Click on the calender icon to select a year, month and day.

Click on the day in the time sheet or click on the calender icon (with the date) in the editor (left side of the screen).

Hour tracking

Steps for registring hours:

  • Go to the timesheets page
  • Select the right week in the fact bar on the right, if necessary
  • Select the day if necessary
  • In the editor:
    • select the hour type
    • select the job
    • select the task
    • Give a description
    • Fill in your hours at total hours
    • Optional, select a location/book travel
    • Optional, select a work variant
    • press create

Edit a booking

  • On the time sheets page click on the day
  • Click on the line
  • Edit the booking in the editor
  • press update

Submit a week

  • in the fact bar click on send for approval